The Fosters of Ridgewood Drive

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From Crick

August 14, 2011: We learned today from Lyn Hegeman Kreager through Jane that Gray Foster passed away due to cancer. She was 65. Our hearts go out to family and friends.

I uncovered this pricture of Grey taken at a wedding in 2001 (12 years ago). Grey ended up living in the Seattle area for most of her life. Here she is with her grand-daughter (I believe), Lily. All the Fosters, Father David, Mother Nancy, Grey, Meg, and Ian were handsome people and close longterm friends with my family. David and Nancy moved to Vermont after Rowayton when David left a NY job to become a carpenter building houses but remained in touch with my parents. After David passed away Nancy moved to Kennebunkport to be close to my aunt Kate (Cornbrooks). She often visited our farm in Woodstock CT after we arrived in 1996.

In the late 50s David and Nancy Foster bought the Fogel’s house on Ridgewood Road across from the Tebo’s house and down the road from the Smiths (Jane), Dawson’s (Patty), and Thompson’s (Teddy and Joan). The Foster’s moved in with RowaytonKids, Meg and older sister Gray, returning from North Carolina with perfected southern accents (the girls said “Y’awl”). Meg became my sister Phoebe’s closest childhood friend. I couldn’t help but notice that Meg liked catsup on her spaghetti (yuk!). Later after acting school in New York, Meg became a successful Hollywood actress; I was always impressed with Meg’s light blue eyes and enjoyed seeing her in movies and on TV. Older sister, Gray, was very pretty. She lived most of her adult life in the Seattle area. Gray was once married to Dick Kreager’s brother (Dick is Lyn’s husband). Her oldest child is Tad Kreager.

Here’s Meg (right) and Gray having a sister chat at our house in the 70s.

We saw mother Nancy a number of times when she visited my parents at ‘the farm’ in Woodstock in the late 90s. Nancy passed away in the middle of this last decade after moving to the Seattle area to be near her children. My mother and sister Kate Cornbrook’s friendship with Nancy goes back to the 1920s when both families lived in Milton Gardens in Rye NY. That story is told at the Milton Gardens website in the right sidebar.

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  1. Crick says:

    Interesting, Dirk. I know they lived on Ridgewood Rd until the early/mid-60s.

  2. Dirk Kretschman says:

    Hi Crick,

    Grey lived for a while on a lane that went off of Indian Spring north up over a steep hill and down to Witch Lane. It was on the right before you got to Bittersweet Trail. When I used to go over to Foxy Martin’s house (just below Grey’s) to play we would go up the hill and play with Grey and the other kids in the area.

    Thats maybe 3rd or 4th grade I guess. Maybe that was before they moved to Ridgewood Dr.


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